Friday, July 26, 2013

  • When presenting to technology to staff, give them time to explore, ask their colleagues questions and work through problems/concerns/issues together to figure it out.  Give them the power.  
  • Used Flipped PD and videos to have staff research to meet their SMART Goals.


TED Video:
Sugata Mitra----Research on Students with Technolgy
  • Increased learning takes place when students talk to one another and collaborate at computers.
  • Interest----if it's there, kids will learn---need increased engagement
Staff Unite Idea: (Taken from Lebanon School District)
  • Staff create top "6-10" (or whatever # you choose) and they identify their top priorities they want to see from/in their students.
    • ie:  Take Risks, Technological Savvy, Asks Questions, Reads, etc.
  • After staff decides, each staff gets to choose a color of T-Shirt and their own logo and the word they choose will be printed on the back of their shirt.  This signifies what they feel is important and they will model this character trait.  
  • At staff meetings, staff will share what they've experienced (either within themselves or seen in their students) that  represents their shirt.

 Class Presentations:
  • Margaret--- Whole New Mind, Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future  by Daniel Pink
  • Noelle:  Prezi presentation on Motivation
    • Drive  by Daniel Pink
    • Noelle works @ online school and wants to see ideas for motivation
    • traditional motivational methods actually discourage students
    • Students need self-direction, mastery and purpose.  Students need some ownership over their tasks---give them some control.  Students need to feel there's purpose to their work--what's the outcome and why?
    • Rewards:  Offer praise and feedback rather than things people can spend or touch
    • Provide useful feedback rather than giving something  to seek/gain control
  • Eric: Flipping Technology Forward (Making Tech Resources Work for Teachers and Students
    • Bring all on board---create a sense of need
    • When presenting to staff, model what you want (look at Eric's presentation---he incorporated video links and articles into his website.
  • Rob: Creating a personal device Plan
    • Focus on the WHY, not the What
    • 36 incidents Rob had to deal with regarding personal devices
    • Will have staff put in groups and read articles related to topic.  They will then share in groups with others
    • Give staff an array of cell phone use policies from all around and see how the research they read applies to policies
    • Will bring policy proposal they come up with and agree on it
  • Bobby---presented iMovie on the journey and what he's learning in this class and applied it
  • Jody: The Power of a Story
    • "What's you neighborhood" staff share this
    • Everyone has a story and stories are best way to persuade, understand and teach
    • Why share stories
      • Make sense of information
      • how we explore our fears and our future
      • where we develop values and community
      • a way to change the world 
    • Digital storytelling allows students to share their stories and put their passions into words, images, voice and sometimes video  (iep students, ell, reluctant learners
    • Need DAOW for stories to be told (Digital, written, oral and ???)
    • CCSS Digital Literacy Demand of Common Core---share with staff 
  • Cherie-Anne May: Evaluation Walk Throughs
    • Walk Thoughs---10 min or less, immediate feedback, useful for those you observe
    • Notability---way to take notes
    • Use Notability for a Walkthrough Observation
    • CHECK this out----want to explore more for walkthroughs
    • Becky: Why incorporate tech into lessons? more efficient with your time, increase student achiev, increase student engagement
  • Becky A: (InterMountain ESD--ELL)
    • Flipped PD
    • Google translator for ELL students
    •  After giving staff time to watch videos, at following PD time, work on how to apply and discuss/follow-up strategies from professional readings and videos
    • a piece of text and brings out academic language, sort and classify words, etc
    • Christy:  
    • Book Review (Innovation) Adjust and adapt, initiate, analyze, communicate effectively in various ways, imagine, think,
    • Passion with Purpose
    • Learn to Teach---Want students learn to teach
    •  IDEA---take videos, pics of what's going on in buildings and show periodically to staff so they can see what's going on in their school community
  • Amy---made super cool iMovie about today's education and the future of ed
  • Brian---Took a PowerPoint and embedded into an iMovie
    • embedded voice over into the movie
  • Jared:  Website;  "Gimp" is a free download for photos/graphic--Jared's graphics on his website were created in Gimp.  
  • Lisa: Being transparent as a leader about not knowing everything about tech will bridge gap between those who know and use a great deal of tech to those who do not
    • Uses music when kids are lining up for bus to reduce disruption (kids can sometimes wait 15-30 min for the bus)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

I like the idea of incorporating  into Flipped PD.  Having staff research/watch videos related to an area of interest to increase classroom production.  Anyone have any other good video links where teachers can view other educators----providing them more tools for their tool box?



Flipped PD----Tool Idea that posts videos where educators can go and watch videos on areas of interest to learn more
AtomicLearning---another website similar to

IDEA--Set up PD website for staff (great idea Jerod!)
  • Set up a PD website that is modeled after this class.  Post videos, links, etc. where staff can go back and recall---give them the tool to be self-sufficient
 Google "Hangout"---place where you can have a discussion form online

iTunes: Audio books

Mooc:  Free courseware

NewTeacherCenter---Online PD

Effective Webpages:
  • Clear Vision and Purpose
    •  When you go to site you should know exactly what you're looking for
  • User-focused Navigation
    • "Don't Make Me Think"
    • Most important info. needs to go in upper left because that's where people look
    • Jacob Neilson--written article on user navigation
  • User Engagement

  • Clear & Concise Messaging
    • Simplicity on the front page
    • No more than 4-6 tabs at top of page that are
    • Colors are important
    • Clear, Engaging pictures on homepage is important
    • Consistency in Font
      GOOD Sites: Rocky Mountain Colorful (Colorful, Bold, Simple)
(Keynote, Apple Product that's great for presentations)
  • Simple
  • Limit Bullet Points
  • High Quality Graphics
  • Effective Charts
  • Avoid cheesy clip art
  • Align text other than on left----brings viewer eye in
  • Don't add fade ins, swipes, etc transitions---distracting from you message

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Day 3 Building Knowledge

Google, Google, Google, Google 
Love it, Love it, Love it, Love it

Today opened my eyes to the many possibilities and tools that can be used in Google to create, translate, research, etc.  I see myself spending and experimenting with these vast tools that can make my life so much more easy.  I hope to engage those I lead with informative and creative materials using Google tools.  I have a feeling this site will become my friend....

Well, I'm going to dive into the many tools Google has to offer and see where it takes me. 
  • If you have any useful Google tool suggestions besides those G shared with us today, please let me know.  I'm trying to fill my "toolbox" with as much as I can by Friday. 



3 prong approach to teaching staff expectations of technology use
  1. Clear, concise administrative expectations stated repeatedly
  2. Give staff time, resources and support to enable them to use the tech you would like to see them use 
  3. One-on-one support---conversation to show the benefits
  • Website that posts videos of teachers teaching
Zooming in on screen:
(Mac) "command and +"
(PC) "control and +"

MODEL, MODEL, MODEL during PD using technology---get staff excited and build culture of technology.  Have PD in computer lab.  Give them multiple resource(s) to look at and let them explore and share what they learned.

Google Tools---AWESOME!!!
Check out these sites---shows step-by-step how to use tools.

Dr Medina---
September 28th will present at Jesuit High School on brain research. 

Jane Mcgonigal---check out her research on gamers in TEDTalk
 Students have come up with gaming sites that match CCSS.  You can type in a CCSS and it will take you to links of gaming that engages students to enhance classroom curriculum.  Safe sites for kids to go to enhance student learning.  Teachers can also pull videos to use with instruction.

G Bundy---invitation to come to Beaverton to see how the 1-1 classrooms are working with recent grant
Raleigh Hills K-8

G Bundy, guest speaker.  Sooo inspiring and knowledgeable!! 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

7/23 Notes, Reflections & Thoughts

Questions---Food for thought---FEED ME!!!
  1. We've been introduced to great Apps, videos and various tools to use. (ie: diigo, IMovie, QuickTime, etc)
    1. What are some KEY Apps and/or sites you use regularly and feel will enhance Professional Develop and enhance student learning.
Thoughts and Reflections:

"Teachers as 'Learning Coaches'"---Teachers role changes from dictator to sitting side-by-side students helping to guide them.  Teacher gets to know students' interests and build on their strengths to increase interest and production.
  • Our current students live in the world of technology.  We, as educators, need to build upon students' strengths and knowledge of technology to create buy-in and increase interest of content.
 EdMotto or Schoology:  Educators can put curriculum online and go paperless.  No taking papers home to grade and less cost for printing.  Creates buy-in for students.  Enables teacher and peers to provide instant feedback.
 EdMotto connects you to other educators all over the world who are teaching same subject(s)/content as you and post their lessons/units online.  No need in re-creating the wheel.  Closed site where teachers can communicate with their students and students can communicate with their peers.

How and what are we doing with technology to enhance learning?  How is technology used, in a different way, to bring forth knowledge to our kids?
  • I think this is question we need to ask ourselves (supervisors, coaches, classroom teachers)---When "we" use technology, how is this enhancing the learning students?  How can you tell?
App to Bookmark and highlight pieces of articles.  This will allow you to read and bookmark portions of text you may want to use in PD and/or collect from website information. is where you create your account

Video: "If I were your son?"

  • Great video to show @ PD---eye-opener for staff to realize/recognize kids are learning in a digital world.  We must teach them with tools they know and use everyday---they will probably even teach us!!
IMovie---LOVE IT!!!  (This is my first video with IMovie...a bit short and generic but worth the time to play with).

  • I like the idea of taking pictures throughout the year of different events and sharing it with staff.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Video Thoughts/Questions

School communities are all faced with varied levels of staff experience and comfort with technology.

  1. With varied levels of staff experience, how do we "convince" and train staff on how/when/why should we put technology into the hands of our students?  
  2. Where do we start and how do we develop a community of adult learners who are comfortable, excited and willing to use technology within their classrooms?
"Deep Thoughts" by ________
Please respond 


Notes and Reflection
 7/22/2013 deal of videos on education (By Sir Ken Robinson)

  • Can be viewed as Professional Development

Part of Abe Lincoln's quote: "We must rise with the occasion"---"we must act anew"
  • Love this quote...with constant change in school and technology, we as educators must remember to "rise with the occasion" to best meet the needs of students in order to prepare them for the future. 

Time:  Most teenagers don't wear a watch because time is digitized all around them; they see them as a one-dimensional device that's not worth much
  • Interesting concept...I recently lost me watch and it's driving me crazy!  I have to keep reminding myself to look at my phone.  

Education is built on the model of fast food---depletes our spirits and energy as fast food depletes our physical being

Passion--what excites our spirit and energy; when you don't have "passion," time passes slowly and does not feed our pleasures to make us flourish
  • So true.  When we're not engaged or excited about something, time drags on and on and on and on and on and on......  How do we get educators excited about technology without overwhelming them?

Yates Poem: Everyday, everywhere, children spread their dreams beneath our feet so we must tread softly
  • Great reminder to keep every child's "suitcase that they come with" in mind when teaching them.  The little things we do can make and/or break them.  Always remember to tread softly on their dreams.
What can I do in my little world to initiate change in moving to integration of technology? 

  • Exposure, putting the technology in the hands of teachers with targeted PD?  This seems so so simple but doing so creates so many barriers one must overcome.
Possible Books to Read:
"Don't Make Me Think"---ideas on how to create simple, straight forward websites
"The Flat World and Education"
"John Dewey: School and Society: (free on IPad) written long time ago but pretty much tells of future of technology
"Catching Up or Leading the Way" by Yong Zhao

Testing, Testing

Okay, entering the world of blogging....